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Stein Academy registration is currently on going for CNA/GNA, Phlebotomy, EKG, Pharmacy Tech, Nurse Tech/Patient Care and Medication Tech.

Medical Assistant Program

medical assistantStein Academy (SA) is a State of Maryland and Maryland Board of Nursing approved private career school. Stein Academy is dedicated to the training of students in the fields of technology, medical and allied health careers. This brochure describes our Medical Assistant training program, and will be updated periodically.


Medical assistants perform administrative and clinical tasks to keep the offices of physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors, and other health practitioners running smoothly. The duties of medical assistants vary from office to office. Some common tasks include taking medical histories and recording vital signs, drawing blood, taking EKG, etc.

To Learn more about Medical Assistant [what they do, where they work, how much they earn, etc] Click Here


The Medical Assistant program is a 600 hours training program comprising of classroom instructions, laboratory and externship training. The program is divided into nine modules (I – IX). All modules must be completed before Module IX (Externship). Module IX requires 160 hours of externship training.


All prospective students must:

(1) Successfully pass a pre-admission test** OR Provide proof of successful completion of a high school education or high school equivalency (e.g. a high school diploma, GED, Transcript.) ** Note: You must score a minimum of 327 points in verbal skills and 313 points in Quantitative skills or 322 points in the Composite skills of the Wonderlic WBST test to qualify for admission.

(2) Must possess A Social Security Number or a U.S. Immigrations Number and Photo ID.

(3) Submit Proof of a negative Tuberculosis test (PPD) taken within the past 6 months, or if positive in the past, submit a chest X-ray report noting the absence of active TB, taken within the last two years).

(4) Submit Proof of Immunization against Hepatitis B. Alternatively, you may opt to sign a waiver releasing the Academy of all liabilities. Waiver forms are available at the office.

(5) Posses Current CPR & First Aid completion card. We do not accept online CPR or First Aid training/card.

(6) Submit a Physical Exam Report from his/her physician or a signed letter from his/her physician stating that the student is in good health to enroll and participate in the program. Form is available at the office.

(7) Submit a Criminal background report done within three months before starting the program.

(8) Submit a Drug test report done within six months before starting the program.

(9) Provide proof of health insurance coverage. Alternatively, you may opt to sign a waiver releasing the Academy of all liabilities. Waiver Forms are available at the office.

(10) Must be at least 18 years old, by the last scheduled class meeting day of the program. The following will be acceptable documents for the purpose of determining age: birth certificate, driver’s license or drivers learner’s permit, state identification card, passport or school identification card.

(11) Have access to a computer and internet. To be successful in this program, students must be computer literate, and/or have ready access to a computer and the internet as these resources will be needed to enable the student complete their classroom as well as homework assignments. A signed “Computer and Internet Access Form” will be an acceptable proof. Blank forms are available at the office.

Note: If you already have the shots/immunizations mentioned here, including your CPR & First Aid Card just bring copies of your records.


  • The tuition and lab fee for the Medical Assistant program is eleven thousand one hundred dollars ($11,100.00), which includes Tuition of $11000 and a $100 lab fee.

There is a non-refundable registration fee of $100 to be made in cash, money order, cashier’s check, or credit card upon registering for the program. Tuition is due in full on or before the first day of class. However, students may elect to take advantage of our Installment Payment Option.

The following are additional cost/fees that students may have to incur. These costs are subject to change: Pre-admission Test fee if you do not have a High School Diploma or GED – $35; Books $360; Uniforms – $35/pair (3 for $100); Blood Pressure Kit ($45)


Payment is due in full on or before the first day of class
However, installment payments are available to students.
One time Payment –in – Full for tuition & Lab fees only = $11,100 (excluding books & uniforms)

Note:** There is a one time $20 “installment Payment Servicing Fee” for those who chose to pay in installments. The fee is added to the first payment.

First payment    $2,240 Due on or before the first day of class.
Second Payment    $2,220 Due on or before the Friday of the 3rd week.
Third Payment    $2,220 Due on or before the Friday of the 6th week.
Fourth Payment    $2,220 Due on or before the Friday of the 9th week
Fifth Payment    $2,220 Due on or before the Friday of the 12th week

(Breakdown is based on Tuition and lab fee plus $20 installment fee)

Note: Students who do not complete their tuition (a) Will not be allowed to take the final exam (b) Will not graduate (c) Will not be given any letter of reference.

Payment Options: We accept money orders, certified bank checks, business checks, debit and credit cards. No personal checks and cash please!

Payment Receipts: Students are entitled to and must request a receipt for all payments made to Stein Academy. No refunds will be made without a receipt.

Refunds: No cash refunds. All refunds will be made by CHECK, not withstanding the form of payment used. All refunds will be based on the School Refund Policy.



Stein Academy does not offer financial aid and does not participate in the Federal Financial Aid program at this time. The school however, welcomes sponsorship, financial assistance and tuition payments from any source or organization made payable to Stein Academy on behalf of any student.

UNIFORM: Uniforms are required. The uniform color is Royal Blue for classroom and white for clinical. All uniforms are imprinted with the school logo and are available for purchase at the school.


CNA/GNA (Weekdays)   –   5 weeks
CNA/GNA (Weekends)   –   10.5 weeks
Nurse Tech/Patient Care Tech (Weekdays)   –   8 weeks
Nurse Tech/Patient Care Tech (Weekends)   –   17 weeks
Pharmacy Tech (Weekend)   –   11 weeks +160 hours Externship
Pharmacy Tech (Weekdays)   –   4.5 weeks +160 hours Externship
Phlebotomy Technician   –   6 weeks
EKG Technician   –   6 weeks
Medical Assistant   –   600 hours+160 hours. Externship
CPR/First Aid   –   5 hours



(24 WEEKS) – 20 weeks of classes and 4 weeks of 40 hours (160 total hours) of externship.

Day Classes 9am – 2pm (M-F)
Day Externship (40 hours/wk for 4 weeks) 7am – 3pm (M-F)

Evening Classes 5pm – 10pm (M-F)
Evening Externship ((40 hours/wk for 4 weeks) 3pm – 11pm (M-F)


To work in Maryland national certification is not required. However, we do encourage all of our students to take a national certification upon graduation. Please note that requirements are different for different Certification organizations. Additional information is available for those who are interested.


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