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    1. All monies paid by the student will be fully refunded if  the student chooses not to enroll in or to withdraw from the school within seven calendar days after having signed the enrollment contract.

    2. If the student  chooses not to enroll after the seven-day cancellation period, but before the first day of instruction the registration or enrollment fee will be retained by the school.

    3. If  after the seven – day cancellation period expires, a student withdraws after instruction begins, refunds shall be based on the total contract price of the course or program and shall include all fees, except the application, registration or enrollment fee and any charges for materials, supplies, or books which have  been purchased by, and are the property of  the student. The minimum refund that a school shall pay a student who withdraws or is terminated after the 7-day cancellation period has expired and after the instruction has begun, is a s follows:


    Proportion of total course or program Tuition
    Taught by date of withdrawal*
    Less than 10% 90% refund
    10% up to but not including 20% 80% refund
    20% up to but not including 30% 60% refund
    30% up to but not including 40% 40% refund
    40% up to 50% 20% refund
    More than 50% No Refund


    **Please Note: Stop payment on a check, failure to pay bill that is due or failure to attend classes does not constitute withdrawal.


    1. If  the school closes, cancels or discontinues a course or program, the school will refund to each currently enrolled student all monies paid by the student for tuition and fees.

    2. Students are requested  to notify the School Director or  Administrator, or the Director of Studies if they are withdrawing from the course, program or school. The school requests written notification of cancellation or withdrawal.

    3. Refunds are based on the last date of attendance. The last date of attendance is the last date the student attended scheduled instructions.

    4. All refunds due  will be paid within 60 days of the student’s last day of attendance.

    5. In the case of an official leave of absence, if a student fails to return to training by the end of the leave of absence, a refund due a student shall be based on the date of withdrawal or termination and paid within 60 days of the scheduled last day of the leave of absence.

    6. Books  and other items (e.g. uniform, uniform patches, stethoscopes, Blood Pressure Cuffs) purchased are the property of the student and are not refundable, except within the seven – day cancellation period. Items already opened, used, altered, written on or that are in unsalable conditions will not be refunded.

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